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Commemorate Adrian Clayborn’s six sack day with a Sacklanta t-shirt

Welcome to Sacklanta, friends.

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Adrian Clayborn’s historic six sack explosion put us in a festive mood, and we don’t want to forget how great that day was. Recently, we offered you guys a Sacklanta wallpaper, and now we’re sharing a pretty sweet Sacklanta t-shirt.

In case you somehow missed out on the last week, Adrian Clayborn put together one of the most historic performances in Falcons history, annihilating hapless Cowboys tackles en route to six sacks in one game. It was an epic, memorable performance, to say the least, and it’s worth commemorating.

The shirts are printed here in #America, and can be ordered in sizes from small all the way up to 3XL, for those of you who like your t-shirts as large as your sack totals. Sizes up to XL cost $24, while a 2XL is $25 and a 3XL is $26.

For those of you who say this is very similar to Sacksonville, let me ask you this: Did any Jaguars get six sacks in a game? I think not. Until that happens, we’re gonna go ahead and append Sack to the city name with no regrets.

If you’re interested, you can buy one here, and imbue yourself with the good fortune and talent of Adrian Clayborn.