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Atlanta Falcons talk: How will the team divvy up carries with Devonta Freeman out?

Tevin Coleman will carry the load, but then what?

Dallas Cowboys v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

With Devonta Freeman almost certain to miss Monday night’s game against the Seahawks, the Falcons will need to get by with Tevin Coleman, Terron Ward, and the freshly signed Terrence Magee. That’s not a bad combination—Coleman is legitimately good, and Ward has shown he can be a solid runner when pressed into service—but it’s also not ideal against a tough Seattle front.

So how will the Falcons divvy up carries here?

My guess is that you’ll see Coleman featured to the tune of 15-20 carries in this game, hopefully most of them to the outside. The Falcons can then hand 5-10 carries over to Ward between the tackles, and Magee can get in for a couple of snaps if injury or fatigue strikes. I would expect that to be the status quo unless Magee surprises or Coleman can’t hold up to a full workload, though I doubt the latter.

What say you?