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Adrian Clayborn wins first MVP award for the Sacklanta Falcons

Clayborn’s six-sack performance definitely made for the easiest MVP decision in Falcoholic history.

Ville Terenius

I’m not sure who made Adrian Clayborn so angry, but I hope it happens again. We witnessed one of the most dominant games ever by a pass rusher. It was, quite frankly, so absurdly good I’m still having trouble believing it.

Six sacks by one player on a mobile quarterback? My god, it was beautiful. The Dallas Cowboys had no chance putting together scoring drives with that one man wrecking crew blowing up Tyron Smith’s backup.

Ville Terenius

Clayborn easily wins this week’s MVP award. That is one bad, bad man. Dak Prescott will have nightmares of this game for the rest of his career.