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Falcons don’t sign Byron Maxwell, but they may play against him Monday

Did Dan Quinn want to reunite with one of his former Legion of Boom players? Apparently not, but Pete Carroll did.

San Francisco 49ers v Miami Dolphins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons fixed their depth issue at corner by, well, doing their best to never play anyone behind Brian Poole on the depth chart. With another Jalen Collins suspension, there was not a whole lot they could have done to bump up their depth.

Then the Miami Dolphins cut former Seattle Seahawks standout Byron Maxwell. Maxwell is probably best know for getting paid way too much money by the Philadelphia Eagles, then getting burned alive by Julio Jones.

It was beautiful.

Anyways, Quinn took a look at him earlier this week. The Falcons did not appear to be in a big rush to sign him, as he would probably still slot in behind Poole.

Maxwell is going back to Seattle, where he may be directly replacing Richard Sherman. Also, the Falcons play Seattle on Monday night. He’s familiar with the scheme, so Maxwell will likely be playing against Atlanta.

Could we see a rematch of Maxwell on Julio? Our fingers are crossed that happens.