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Matt Ryan hit 40,000 yards faster than any other quarterback in NFL history

Just another milestone for the best quarterback in Falcons history.

Dallas Cowboys v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Again, you know that Matt Ryan is a great quarterback, but not everyone recognizes that. With every new mark he hits, though, the picture becomes a little more clear.

Today against the Cowboys, Matt Ryan became the fastest quarterback to hit 40,000 yards in the long history of the NFL. He did it in 151 yards, which was one game faster than Drew Brees and two games faster than Dan Marino. You’ll note that both of those guys are either current or future Hall of Famers, which bodes well for Matt Ryan.

Ryan’s numbers suggest a Hall of Fame pace, as we’ve covered in the past, and he’s having a very nice game after tossing a pick that bounced off of Mohamed Sanu’s hands on the first play of the contest. The Falcons are currently up 17-7, and with any luck, Ryan builds on both the lead and his yardage mark during the rest of this one. Congratulations to #2 for the honor.