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Dan Quinn sacrifices Hoooopah to the pit of fire

We expected big things out of the sophomore tight end. We were wrong.

Ville Terenius

Dan Quinn was fired up. His team went from a 25 point lead in the Super Bowl to 4-4 with zero rings, with losses to some unimpressive teams. It’s as if his soul is a judgmental lake of fire, with Quinn watching those that wrong him like a hawk.

Or a falcon. An almost god-like falcon that may be neither good nor evil, but savage in its judgment. Is Quinn actually Samuel L. Jackson?

There’s no time to figure this out. Quinn still has a Super Bowl to win, and if he tries to figure out if he’s actually connected with some powerful, ancient bird, he can’t game plan for the Dallas Cowboys.

“Just get me HOOP,” he screams, to no one in particular.


We probably expected too much from Austin Hooper in his second year. There’s been a lot of bad since his 88 yard touchdown against the Chicago Bears. Against the Carolina Panthers, it was running the wrong route that lead to an interception. It was so obvious the announcers called it out. Or the end of the Miami Dolphins game where Hooper failed to fight for a pretty solid pass that resulted in an interception.

This really sums up Hooper throughout this season. Mental lapses, some soft play, and some penalties.

The same thing applies to every player sent into the pit of fire. You bounce back to escape from the pit, or you disappear in the pit of fire forever like Michael Jenkins.