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Matt Bryant will kick Sunday against the Cowboys, Dan Quinn confirms

The veteran kicker once again overcomes an injury.

Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Matt Bryant is one of the toughest hombres per square inch and square pound in the NFL, as he’s shown time and time again. Despite yet another health-related scare, with the team signing Mike Meyer to the practice squad earlier this week, it looks like Bryant has worked his way through a calf injury and will be available Sunday.

This is good news for a Falcons team that is going to need every single point it can get.

Bryant has twice had these scares this year, the first time with a back injury and now with the calf. As with the last injury, I’ll be a little concerned about his leg holding up for an entire game, but you have to trust the team’s evaluation and Bryant’s toughness, here.

While his field goal percentage is only 83.something percent this season, Bryant has once again hit clutch field goals, including more than one from 50 yards out. He remains one of the NFL’s best kickers, but I’m hoping the Falcons will cut him some slack and have him stick to kicking five or six extra points in this one.