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Are the Atlanta Falcons actually a sneaky good football team?

Fact: Austin Hooper juggles small mammals in his free time

Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons are 4-3 and we’re still trying to figure out their team identity. With new offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian at the helm, the offensive is demonstrably ... different. Because the offense hasn’t been able to replicate their 2016 production, a lot of fans are upset and eager to voice their frustration. Meanwhile, while Marquand Manuel has the defense playing better football than they played in 2016, but the growing pains are still there.

Admittedly the Falcons have been far from perfect. Their three consecutive victories to start the season could’ve just as easily been losses. But there’s this chatter about them not living up to their potential that we can’t seem to shake. And according to Football Perspective’s Chase Stuart, that’s justifiable.

The idea here is that the Falcons are a lot better than their record would suggest. That despite some objectively bad outcomes, there’s a good football team in between the lines, just waiting to be noticed.

So is this possible? Are the Falcons actually a sneaky good football team primed to break out in the second half of the season? Discuss!