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Top three games to watch during a super boring Falcons bye week

The Atlanta Falcons aren’t playing today, leaving you two choices: spend all day in bed or watching these three football games.

Washington Redskins v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jason Hanna/Getty Images

The bye weeks never feel quite right. We might complain about them, but we definitely miss watching our Atlanta Falcons. Are you going to be stuck making small talk with those strangers living in your house, otherwise known as your family? No way, it’s football season, and there’s still some great games on today.

Here’s my top three.

Carolina Panthers vs. Detroit Lions at 1 pm: two 3-1 teams square off with serious playoff implications. The Lions have looked very solid this season, while the Panthers may or may not be legit. I think it’s a great matchup with some potential for a high scoring game.

Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys at 4:30 pm: it was a tossup between this game and the Seahawks Rams game, but that Seattle offense is unwatchable more often than not. That’s not to say Dallas has figured out their offense, outside of giving it to Ezekiel Elliot a ton. This looks like a fun game with almost zero defense.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Houston Texans at 8:30 pm: this looks like today’s best game. The Chiefs have been dominant so far this year, with Alex Smith occasionally throwing the football farther than five yards. The Texans decided to keep shuffling their quarterback until they found someone good, and it only took about five years to find Deshaun Watson. Houston finally has some semblance of an offense to pair with their strong defense.

Any other games you are watching today?