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The Falcons figure to sign Jack Crawford’s replacement by Monday

Whoever it may be.

Atlanta Falcons Practice Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The Falcons are on their bye week, which makes for a relatively quiet weekend around these parts. That’s apparently true at Flowery Branch, as well, because despite putting Jack Crawford on injured reserve earlier this week, Atlanta has not yet signed his replacement.

I use replacement loosely, because whoever the team signs is probably going to be a gameday inactive initially, and is unlikely to ever step into the kind of role that Crawford is unfortunately vacating. Instead, they’ll simply fill his roster spot and probably his position, but may not see the field if Courtney Upshaw is coming back anytime soon.

Given the fact that we’re talking about a player with a small role, it’s no great surprise that the Falcons aren’t rushing out to add someone to the roster. They’ve worked out a long list of players recently, including five defensive linemen who could be signed. Once the dust settles on the weekend and the team gears up to practice for the Dolphins, I anticipate you’ll see a signing so the new guy has a few days to get up to speed before he’s potentially called on to play a handful of snaps Sunday.

If you weren’t feeling all that antsy about the lack of a signing, well, thank you for being cool. For what it’s worth, my money’s on the team signing Devon Taylor, a former Lions fourth rounder who has legitimate NFL experience and seems like the player most prepared to step in and actually play. We’ll know soon enough, either way.