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Re-assessing the Falcons 2017 record after four games

Has anything The Falcoholic staff has seen thus far swayed them to project more or fewer wins?

Buffalo Bills v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Caleb Rutherford

Final Record: 11-5

After 4 games, we’re where I thought we would be, though we got there by taking a slightly different path than I thought we’d take. I still think we end up 11-5 and NFC South champions. I can’t see us beating the Patriots at home despite their unbelievably bad play in a normally unbeatable place. We’ll drop either the home game vs. the Cowboys or away at Seahawks, not sure which, and I expect us to go 4-2 in the division. I believe I predicted an 11-5 record at the start of the year, or at least close to it. My opinion of that hasn’t changed, though the team’s a little inconsistent for my taste right now. I think we’ll be on track for another playoff run when it’s all said and done.

Kendall Jackson

Final record: 12-4

I don’t remember what I predicted the Falcons to be before the season started, but it’s looking like a 12-4 finish. What I am concerned about is the fact the Falcons have had four whole weeks to win the Super Bowl and still haven’t done it.

Matt Chambers

Final Record: 12-4

I feel like every offseason we go through this same process: expecting the team to be awesome, then getting disappointed when they meet that pace. I think the best you can hope for is a 12 win season, and Atlanta is heading towards that type of season. I expected the offense to take a little time getting into midseason form, but the expectation was the defense would balance it out. Also check. Falcons should be able to keep chugging away to a possible first round bye.


Final Record: 11-5

I still think the Falcons win the division and get back to the playoffs, but there are still some very tough games coming up. The division itself still presents some challenges, with the Panthers looking like a better team recently, and even the Saints having enough hope to try to make a run for it. That said, this is a team that (when fully healthy) has more talent on both sides of the ball than nearly any other team in the entire NFC. I do worry about games against the Patriots, Vikings and a few others, but this is definitely a schedule that can support another strong 11 win season.

Dave Choate

Final Record: 11-5

There are going to be some dumb, frustrating losses on the docket this year. That’s what happens when you break in new coordinators, you regress to the mean a little bit on offense, and you suffer more injuries than you had to deal with the prior year. This is still among the NFL’s better teams from a talent perspective, and they’re a well-coached, capable bunch playing in a division populated by questionable opponents. They should be a playoff team, this record will probably win them the NFC South, and we’ll still find things to grumble about. Such is life as a Falcons fan.