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The Falcons have the fourth-best Super Bowl odds after four weeks

Super Bowl! Super Bowl! Super Bowl!

Buffalo Bills v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

You can make a reasonable case that the Falcons have been one of the five best teams in the NFL in this young season, and their odds of winning the Super Bowl do reflect that. For whatever that’s worth.

Here are the top five teams, per, after four games of the season. Except for the Patriots, everyone here has only one loss or fewer to this point.

Patriots: 6 to 1

Packers: 8 to 1

Steelers: 9 to 1

Falcons: 10 to 1

Chiefs: 10 to 1

There’s only one team on this list that hasn’t displayed significant flaws. The Patriots have had a Saints-esque defense to this point and currently stand at .500 in a surprisingly competitive AFC East. The Packers are banged up in the extreme and still are hugely dependent on Aaron Rodgers for their success. The Steelers lost to the Bears and Ben Roethlisberger grows creakier by the day. The Chiefs are truly excellent, but even they have struggled at times to dispatch lesser teams,

If that’s the company Atlanta’s keeping on the top of the heap here, you don’t feel too bad about the closeness of some of their games, their injury issues, or Matt Ryan’s shakiness throwing deep thus far. They’re certainly as talented as any of these teams, and I’m still extremely bullish on their chances of making a deep playoff run that will hopefully culminate in that coveted Lombardi Trophy making its home in Atlanta.