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NFL power rankings: Atlanta Falcons drop following week four loss to the Buffalo Bills

Fact: Matt Ryan only puts ketchup on his hot dogs

Buffalo Bills v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons are one failed passing play away from being the NFC’s only undefeated team. They lost to a solid football team on Sunday. The Buffalo Bills defense gave the Falcons offense fits, and if we’re honest, we knew that was a possibility. But alas, these are the Falcons, so pundits are sitting on their edge of their seats, anxiously awaiting signs of regression after the Super Bowl collapse. Today is Tuesday - let’s break down the power rankings.

ESPN: 3rd (down 1 spot)

The defense forced two takeaways against Aaron Rodgers but failed to force any against Mike Glennon, Matthew Stafford or Tyrod Taylor. The offense has committed six turnovers the past two games, so if the defense can't force any themselves, Atlanta will be facing an uphill battle. 4th (down 2 spots)

Holy cow, the Bills' defense gave him nothing to work with in the second half. The passing windows closed early. If Ryan held the football, somebody's hand was on the QB's jersey, wrist or forearm, or batting the ball -- somewhere to make him uncomfortable, even though Buffalo finished with just a single sack.

Associated Press: 4th (down 2 spots)

CBS Sports: 4th (down 3 spots)

They head to their bye with injury concerns at receiver, including Julio Jones with a hip injury. The offense hasn't quite clicked yet.

Sporting News: 5th (down 3 spots)

Matt Ryan is in a bit of a funk with the new offense and should welcome a chance for a passing tune-up with both Julio Jones and Mohamed Sanu hurting. Coach Dan Quinn has to be pleased more with his young defenders, however.

Again, I’m not surprised their stock is falling. Do the Falcons lose that game if their two star wide receivers don’t leave with injuries? Probably not. But this is the NFL, where most teams play banged up and excuses don’t mean a whole lot.

Your thoughts?