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2017 NFL Trade Deadline roundup: All the day’s moves

What’s going on around the NFL, explained.

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Hello, friends, and welcome to today’s probably Falcons-free trade roundup! With the deadline approaching at 4 p.m., NFL teams are making a ton of moves, and we’ll be keeping track of them for you.


  • The Bills just traded for Kelvin Benjamin, giving the team yet another tall, reasonably sure-handed receiving option. This further depletes a Panthers receiving corps that wasn’t all that great to begin with, and I have no idea what the terms of the deal are. This is a legitimately surprising move, and will likely remain so even after the details are available.
  • The Eagles just swapped away a fourth round pick to the Dolphins for running back Jay Ajayi. He is not a great back, per se, but he is a hard runner who was clearly better when he had the threat of a pass game and a decent offensive line in front of him, so I’d say the Eagles got a steal. Their backfield is now insanely crowded, but they have a workhorse, and they gave up very little to do it.


  • The 49ers traded at least a second round pick to the Patriots for Jimmy Garoppolo, their new quarterback of the future. The Patriots have now traded both their backup QBs and will likely turn to Brian Hoyer to back up 40-year-old Tom Brady.
  • The Seahawks have neglected their offensive line for years, and they’re finally making a move to fix that. They surrendered rangy cornerback Jeremy Lane, a 2018 5th rounder, and a 2019 2nd rounder to get Duane Brown from the Texans. For Houston, it’s an odd move with rookie Deshaun Watson playing so well, but Brown had been openly critical of owner Bob McNair after he made a (charitably) dumb comment about “the inmates running the prison” at a meeting between owners and players, and that may have played a role here. Brown is an immediate upgrade for Seattle, but is 32 and can’t fix all their woes himself.