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The Mercedes-Benz Stadium roof leaked over the weekend

Another chapter in the saga.

Green Bay Packers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

We already knew that the Falcons were done opening the roof of Mercedes-Benz Stadium for games this year, and we had made our peace with that. Hopefully 2018 will bring us the opportunity to open that sucker up for nice days, especially late in the year, and let the football-going public enjoy the weather.

For the immediate future, though, there’s a bigger concern. Apparently the rainstorm over the weekend led to the roof leaking around the 50 yard line. It wasn’t a huge leak, mind you, but it showed that the stadium still has a little ways to go before everything is perfect. Work on automating—and probably weather-proofing—the roof continues.

I don’t doubt that over the long haul, Mercedes-Benz Stadium will prove to be an awesome stadium for the Falcons and Atlanta United. At the moment, it has a barely-functioning, leaky roof, some issues with heat and humidity reported by fans, and the Falcons have a 1-2 record in their new home. Growing pains!