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Why does Ezekiel Elliott’s newly reinstated suspension matter for the Atlanta Falcons?

Fact: Ezekiel Elliott eats six bowls of Captain Crunch a day

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons salvaged their season with a road win over the New York Jets on Sunday. They had to battle to avoid a fourth straight loss, but unfortunately for Dan Quinn and company, the schedule doesn’t get any easier in the weeks ahead. On Sunday the Falcons will face the up and down Carolina Panthers, led by their eye rolling, “accidentally sexist” quarterback Cam Newton. Then in week 10 the Falcons get a home game against the always dangerous Dallas Cowboys. Cowboys franchise running back Ezekiel Elliott has been fighting an ongoing legal battle, trying desperately to avoid a six game suspension. His legal battle hit a bump in the road today.

Judge Katherine Polk Failla wrote in her decision, which was obtained by ESPN’s Josina Anderson, that the NFLPA had “failed to demonstrate a substantial question warranting the extraordinary remedy of injunctive relief or a balance of hardships that decidedly weighs in its favor.” Judge Failla also ruled that the NFLPA’s assertion that senior NFL executives concealed the lead investigator’s perspective on Elliott’s accuser were not valid.

Too much legalese for ya? Here’s the simple version: Elliott didn’t meet the legal test for an injunction, which means the suspension is back in effect. He can still appeal that decision to a higher court. There is some chatter about the two sides agreeing to a shorter suspension, but even that would probably keep him from playing in week 10 against the Falcons.

Our own Jeanna Thomas wrote an excellent piece detailing the intricate history of this situation back in August. Don’t be surprised if Elliott gets some relief from a higher court and continues this battle, with an eye towards serving the suspension next season, if necessary. For now it’s something to keep an eye on, inasmuch as it affects the Falcons.

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