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Stud Jets defensive tackle Muhammad Wilkerson is questionable against Falcons, others out

If he’s out, the Falcons suddenly have a much easier job up front.

New York Jets v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

While the Falcons got some good injury news with Tevin Coleman ready to go for Sunday, the Jets have a longer injury list.

That includes Muhammad Wilkerson, one of the most impactful interior players in the NFL, and certainly one of the best players left on the Jets. Without him, one of the shakier run defenses in the NFL is likely to be even shakier, which would give the Falcons a chance to dominate on the ground the way Dan Quinn is clearly hoping for.

While the prospect of not having to play against Wilkerson is a tantalizing one, the Falcons also are facing a Jets team down starting right tackle Brandon Shell and cornerback Buster Skrine. In theory, that should give the offense and the defense a bit of a boost, though I’ve learned by now not to put a ton of stock into that. The Falcons look healthy enough on paper that this really should be a good game, for a change, and one of the easier matchups left for this team. They have to take advantage.