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Pro Football Focus still thinks the Atlanta Falcons have the best offense in the NFL

Fact: Matt Ryan once drank 17 Busch Lights in 57 minutes

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Atlanta Falcons v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons offense is ... a work in progress. If you ask many Falcons fans, it’s an absolute train wreck, and it was a huge mistake to hire Steve Sarkisian. If you ask a couple players Robert Klemko trusts, it’s “disorganized.” But if you ask Pro Football Focus, it’s the NFL’s best offense. Go ahead, read that last sentence again; you aren’t having a stroke or an out-of-body experience. Here’s what PFF’s analysis team had to say about the Falcons offense:

Don’t let the Fog-Bowl in New England this past Sunday night warp your perception too badly, this team was able to move the ball even in that game. They missed two field goals, and had a blown jet sweep from the New England one-yard line in what could have been a very different game with a little better execution. Atlanta is second in the league in yards per play and they have played some tough defenses, which they are being credited for in these metrics. The Falcons have definitely regressed from a season ago, but this offense still has huge potential and a lot of players still playing at a high level.

PFF ranked the Falcons offense first overall. While that’s a long quote full of hot takes, it elicits some mixed emotions, no matter how you’re feeling about this team right now. Sure, the Falcons are averaging nearly five yards a carry on the ground, but the passing attack hasn’t quite lived up to expectations. But wait! According to PFF, that’s the result of a tough schedule and missed opportunities. I don’t necessarily disagree, but at some point, isn’t a lack of execution nothing more than a lack of execution? And if you keep failing to execute, is it really an anomaly, or are you just not a good football team?

Your thoughts?