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Final score predictions for Falcons vs. Patriots

There’s a healthy mix of “oh no, we’re doomed” and “we might actually win this.”

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Matt Chambers

Falcons: not enough - Patriots: somehow good enough

After a thorough analysis, I predict another emotional scar.

Caleb Rutherford

Falcons 24 - Patriots 35

I don’t care how bad the Patriots defense is, some nobody(ies) they’ve never played will have the game of their lives and make us look foolish. The Patriots have not been invincible at their house this season like they usually are, but I can’t see us winning this game under almost any circumstance. We’re in rather poor form headed into this game, maybe even exceptionally poor form compared to what we’re used to seeing and should expect from this team. None of these things inspire much confidence. I expect Tom Brady to complete the first full drive of a quarter’s length in NFL history, because what else is left for this team to put itself down in the record books for?

Adam Schultz

34 Bradiots - 21 Falcons

In the opposing team tunnel at Foxboro, there's a little plaque near the tunnel’s opening that's just small enough to be missed but big enough to be read. It states: “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”

In other words, Falcons faithful: Don't hold your breath.

Patriots get their minds right and tune up against a fast, physical, and quick-to-tire Falcons defense.


Falcons: something meaningless - Patriots: imminent death

Life is a meaningless void full of pain, death and endless suffering. What hope there is, is quickly dashed by the reality that the kiss of death will ultimately take us all. For a brief moment, we experience joy, only to be reminded that it’s an illusion fabricated by our futile desire to believe that we won’t succumb to that long, dark night.

Dave Choate

Falcons 35 - Patriots 34

I dunno, you guys, I think Atlanta can win this one. I’m not convinced they will, per se, but I have enough confidence to predict a win and open myself to immolation post-game. This is an insanely vulnerable Patriots team still getting its feet under it, and while the Falcons have looked shaky for weeks, this is the matchup they needed on paper, with a ton of motivation, a less than stellar defense, and a true test of a defense that has shot itself in the foot a lot. I’m hopeful they’ll set our minds at ease a bit with a W, but failing that, I want this to be competitive.

Allen Strk

Patriots 35 - Falcons 31

It’s difficult to trust an undisciplined team to play a flawless game against the best quarterback and head coach combo in the league. While New England’s defense has been torched on several occasions this season, it doesn’t guarantee that the Falcons’ offense is going to start firing on all cylinders. They haven’t found any rhythm over the past two weeks. Mohamed Sanu’s return adds another dimension for Matt Ryan. The offense started stumbling following Sanu’s injury, so that could be something behind their recent underwhelming performances. There are still far too many issues surrounding Atlanta. It’s not like the defense is playing particularly well either. Expect Rob Gronkowski to be the difference maker, as he will be a matchup nightmare for the back seven.