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Atlanta Falcons talk: Is anyone worried about Matt Ryan?

We’re not, but he’s mired in an unfortunate stretch.

Buffalo Bills v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Over the first two weeks of the 2017 season, Matt Ryan had thrown only two touchdowns, but he was averaged over 9 yards per attempt, was completing nearly 70% of his passes, and just generally looked like the Matt Ryan of 2016. There were a couple of missed throws, sure, but that wasn’t a major concern.

The last two weeks have been a different story. With Ryan Schraeder sidelined—and during the second half of the Buffalo game, both Julio Jones and Mohamed Sanu—Ryan’s tossed five picks against just three touchdowns, with his yards per attempt falling accordingly to to under 7 and his his completion percentage checking in the low 60s. None of this is necessarily illustrative of how well he’s actually played—three of those interceptions have come off of tipped balls, after all—but he has had some real struggles.

So are you at all worried about Ryan, at this point?

For me, the only real concern is some of his missed throws, which haven’t always been due to increased pressure or stress. If Ryan’s going to continue to struggle with accuracy, particularly deep, the Falcons are going to have some struggles moving the football on a consistent basis. Otherwise I think he’s going to be fine once Schraeder returns and he settles in a bit, so it’ll take more than one lousy week and one so-so one to make me think he’s reverting terribly.

How about you?