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Two Falcons worthy of game MVP after Dolphins loss

How do you give two guys the award when you lose?

Finnish Fotoshop Master Ville Terenius

It’s usually tough to give out the MVP award after a bad loss. After something like the fourth worst loss I’ve seen by this team in the last, I dunno, 20 games, it’s tough to pull out the positives. Instead, we found one guy on each side of the ball really step up. Both these young players have turned into a strength on a team desperately lacking playmakers.

In fact, one of these players was sacrificed to our immortal, metal bird way back in week one. There’s a tough learning curve in the NFL, but both players have moved to the front of the class.

It’s times like now you realize that Mohamed Sanu is only three feet tall, and Ben Garland just gets more comfortable than everyone else.

Congrats to Deion Jones and Wes Schweitzer. Jones was a one-man wrecking crew on defense, picking off Jay Cutler and was in on 11 tackles. We were worried about Wes Schweitzer after week one, but has quickly shown why he earned the starting job. In fact, he’s faced off against some of the league’s top interior lineman and has been a major strength.