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Dan Quinn tries to get the offense fired up with another blood sacrifice

This is why you don’t make Dan Quinn mad.

Ville Terenius

Reporter: “Are you happy with the number of touches Julio is getting?”

Quinn: “No, and the reason I say that is that he's such a factor. Julio needs to be the focal point of the offense.”

Quinn was visibly angry. The Falcons had another second-half collapse. And not against the league’s best team. The Miami Dolphins. With Jay Cutler. At home. After a bye week.

This was simply unacceptable. The Falcons had a huge lead, and failed to either run the ball or get the ball to the league’s best wide receiver. That should be the identity of the offense. It wasn’t, and the Falcons go from first to third place in the NFC South.

Reporter: “How do you plan to make that adjustment? Are you going to talk to Sark.”

Quinn: “I’ll do the same thing I did with Kyle [Shanahan] multiple times. It’s a little more than a talk.”

Reporter: “That sounds really ominous. Can you explain it?”

Quinn: “We’ve got to get Sark... fired up.”

Reporter: “Are you... are you going to hurt him?”

Quinn: “He’s going to follow in Kyle’s footsteps. Literally. Or else we will never see him again and he will live in a lake of fire. Just like Paul Worrilow who mysteriously disappeared last season.”

Reporter: “Hello, police? I think I need someone at Flowery Branch immediately.”

SARK! Shanahan was sent to the lake of fire at least half a dozen times before the Super Bowl, so sometimes stuff works out in the end except for the Super Bowl. Sark, who never called plays in the pros, has had a pretty bad start in Atlanta. Everything sounded right in the offseason: the offense will stay the same; Matt Ryan will get more control; they will keep the things that work; Julio Jones will get more shots in the red zone; the talent has improved.

So far, not much of that has happened. The three tight end sets I loved last season seem to be gone. Not much presnap motion. The offense doesn’t seem to be playing matchups at all. It’s just a big sloppy mess.

Get comfortable, Sark, because I have a feeling you will be back soon.