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Bill Belichick praises the Atlanta Falcons but we aren’t sure why

Belichick is usually a master at not saying anything controversial, but he said Steve Sarkisian is doing a great job.

NFL: New England Patriots at New York Jets Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons get their “revenge” game this week, but have rarely looked like a complete team this year. It’s definitely a bad time to play the New England Patriots, even if they are a pretty mediocre team.

Bill Belichick, the master of saying nothing interesting, said some uninteresting platitudes about the Falcons.

I, too, would be impressed watching and studying a team that goes from Jekyll to Hyde during halftime.

This is a flat out lie. This offense has (1) not been balanced, and (2) has rarely been explosive. These are literally my top two complaints about Steve Sarkisian’s offense.

He probably doesn’t have enough time to go over all the confusing differences.

That’s probably true, but as Duke Riley has shown, you need to be more than just really fast.

Come on, Bill. You don’t spend money in free agency, and obviously can’t rely on a historic bounce back to win big games.

Another Belichick press conference, and I’m not really sure what he said. Something about the Falcons being good, and not wanting to talk about anything interesting. This is going to be one terribly long week.