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Our laments and takeaways from Falcons vs. Dolphins in Week 6

It wasn’t pretty, so we’ll be blunt.

Miami Dolphins v Atlanta Falcon Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Adam Schultz

Jay Cutler is a joke. A joke just beat the Super Bowl runner up. Think about that. Think.

Tom Brady ripping our heart out makes some sorta sense. Jay Cutler?!

Anyone that tells me that there is no hangover will get hot coffee to the face. Wake upppppp!

Matt Chambers

It feels like the Falcons are trying to create their own obstacles they need to overcome. Can you tell me they intentionally alternated trash play and fouls on defense? Did a real human being really think they should stop feeding Devonta Freeman and to stay far, far away from Julio Jones? These coaches have been dumb, and need to fix what they’ve been doing. (I’ve said that last sentence every year for the last decade, but it will definitely happen this year.)


Not today Satan. Not today.

Dave Choate

What can you possibly say about this game? It was possible to think the defense played a halfway decent game minus all the penalties and mistakes, I suppose, but they made so many mistakes. The offense was just putrid after the half, and special teams was largely an active liability. I want to believe there’s nowhere to go but up from here, because the alternative is not something any of us are really ready to contemplate.


Most losses don’t get under my skin like this one. But this one didn’t have the horrible officiating decision or as many key players out hurt as the Bills game. This time, the Falcons did it to themselves.

The defense misfired often enough to give up 20 points in a half to the league’s least effective offense. The offense was shut out for the entire second half, putting the defense on the field for 19.5 of those 30 minutes. And on special teams, this was Matt Bosher’s worst game since his rookie year (two shanked punts in one game), while Josh Harris one-upped him by shanking a snap. This is the kind of garbage play you’d expect from the second preseason game, not six weeks into the regular season and coming off a bye week. We’re now 3-0 against the NFC North and 0-2 against the AFC East, with our next two games also against the AFC East.

Kevin Knight

This game was bad and you should feel bad.

Caleb Rutherford

Captain Munnerlyn said it best: “They’re front runners.” In short, if you stop them early, they wilt in the end.

As an athlete, that’s one of the most embarrassing things you can be, yet this team has done it for AT LEAST the entirety of the Matt Ryan era, saved only by the fact that they miraculously came out on top about half the time thanks to him. Now suddenly, his 4th quarter comebacks have all but ceased to happen, and now we’re left taking painful loss after painful loss. We’re in year 3 of the Dan Quinn era, and not only have I not seen enough defensive improvement for my taste (the worst offense in the NFL? Really?), I can now say confidently that if the offense ever starts to sputter, we are guaranteed to lose. Starts with you, Mr. Defensive Head Coach.