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Falcons vs. Patriots Week 7 odds: New England is a slight favorite at home

It was inevitable.

Falcons V Patriots

Just a couple of Super Bowl-defending 3-2 teams getting together to try to erase a disappointing start to the season, you guys! Should be fun!

This is not the matchup we anticipated it would be before the season began, to put it mildly. The Falcons have dropped two straight games, scoring a combined 34 points in the process, and they look equal parts listless and sloppy in their losses and even in their wins thus far in 2017. The talent is there, but they have not managed to turn that talent into an elite performance level.

The Patriots, meanwhile, continue to largely operate as one of the league’s elite offenses, but they’ve been absolutely putrid on defense and are having trouble protecting Tom Brady, which is eventually going to become an issue. They’re going to put up yards against Atlanta, but unlike their last couple of opponents, they may not be able to slow this offense down no matter what the Falcons ultimately do to get the ball moving.

It’s little surprise, then, that the Patriots are just field goal favorites at the moment. Figuring out which one of these teams might actually show up and play a complete, high-quality game is impossible based on what we’ve seen of both thus far, and I would legitimately not be surprised if either team won. Expect some sloppy football, either way.