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Final score predictions for Falcons vs. Dolphins

Our expectations? A bloodbath.

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins Photo by Joe Skipper/Getty Images

Adam Schultz

Falcons 38 - Dolphins 14

The heavens shall open and the hearts and minds of the warrior nation will see that you, Jay Cutler, are the true enemy. The spirit of the warrior shall infect the lowly Dolphin offense and the warriors will rise above such petty things as physical limits. Your time has come, Jay Cutler. They will feast upon your negligence and apathy.


Falcons 24 - Dolphins 10

The Miami defense is a pretty good unit, but their counterparts are led by Jay Cutler, who literally retired before 10 million dollars lured him back long enough to run the most unconvincing wildcat in NFL history. I think the Falcons will score at least 24, but this defense could slow things down at first. I still think the Falcons win handily and take a firm lead in the division.

Matt Chambers

Falcons 90 - Dolphins 0

The Miami Dolphins are comprised of players that include Jay Cutler and coaches that include Tony Montana. If this game is even close, I’m going to pack it in for the entire year and follow college lacrosse.

Allen Strk

Falcons 34- Dolphins 10

This should be a straight forward win for the Falcons. Barring a 200-yard explosion from Jay Ajayi or another week of careless turnovers, it’s hard to see how Miami stays competitive. The offense is severely limited with Jay Cutler at the helm. Not having DeVante Parker to stretch the field will make things even more difficult for Adam Gase. With Julio Jones, Ryan Schraeder, Vic Beasley, and Ricardo Allen returning, the Falcons look well-equipped to get back to their winning ways.

Eric Robinson

Falcons 31 - Dolphins 17

Initially, I felt pretty confident about this game. An inept Dolphins offense, a major distraction with their offensive line coach bringing authenticity to Miami being called “Cocaine Capital”, and a Falcons team off a bye anxious to overcome the Buffalo loss a few weeks back. Suddenly, with a week seven trip to New England looming, I feel a little less confident as I should. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this isn’t a trap game. Maybe this is a game where the Falcons come out, flex their muscles, and show why they are one of the most talented teams in the league. Maybe.

Kevin Knight

Falcons 31 - Dolphins 10

This should be a game that the Falcons dominate from start to finish. I'm not sure that the Falcons will pile up 400+ yards against Miami, as the Dolphins’ defense is a pretty good unit. However, I expect Atlanta's defense to take advantage of a mistake-prone Cutler and an offense that has been playing completely uninspired football over the last three weeks. Some turnovers by the Dolphins help the Falcons get out to an early lead that they never relinquish.

Dave Choate

Falcons 34 - Dolphins 20

The Dolphins won’t break the 20 point barrier this week, but I think they’ll give Atlanta a better game than many expect. I am referring specifically to Matt’s score prediction here. Of course, some of these points may come late in the game because Atlanta’s winning big, but points are points!