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Atlanta Falcons talk: Will this be a monster game for Tevin Coleman?

The gifted back is also a gifted receiver.

Buffalo Bills v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins have a good defense, but they don’t necessarily have elite athletes all throughout their starting 11. Enter Tevin Coleman.

Steve Sarkisian used Coleman to great effect against the Buffalo Bills, with the speedy back slicing through the Bills on the ground and dicing them through the air. With Mohamed Sanu out against the Dolphins, there should be plenty of opportunities for Coleman in the passing game, especially after a quiet game for Taylor Gabriel and Justin Hardy.

I’m projecting that Coleman will have a pretty quiet day on the ground—I expect the Falcons to prioritize utilizing Devonta Freeman, as they have all year—but I expect a nice game through the air. The Falcons seem likely to split Coleman out wide a handful of times, and that plus his ability to create something out of nothing on backfield passes means he should be able to get his against Miami, which isn’t necessarily equipped to stop him. Hell, very few teams are.

So I’ll say, as I did earlier today, that Coleman should be good for about 100 total yards, most of them through the air. How about you? Once you’ve answered, use this as your open thread for the night.