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Vic Beasley is extremely likely to be limited Sunday against the Dolphins

Color us skeptical that he’s 100%.

Buffalo Bills v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Earlier this week, I predicted that the Falcons would not play Vic Beasley this week, but that he was on track for Week 7. My rationale was that Beasley appeared to be a bit limited in practice based on reporter observations, that he evidently was not being made available to the media, and that it was, y’know, the Dolphins.

To my surprise, Beasley is going to play Sunday. I trust the Falcons not to do anything rash like rushing Beasley back on the field for a matchup against one of the weakest teams left on the schedule, so he must be healthy enough to play. The question is whether he’s healthy enough to play a full load of snaps, and I’m willing to put my chips on the table here and say no.

If a player won’t declare himself 100%, he’s probably not. As I said earlier in the week, ten snaps of Vic Beasley are mighty useful, but I very much doubt Atlanta will do more than ease him in with 10-20 snaps on defense against Miami. They need him healthy for games like New England, Dallas, and the upcoming divisional games, and they’d be foolish to risk it by overdoing it with his hamstring. Expect him to mix in on obvious passing downs and third downs while Derrick Shelby, Brooks Reed, Adrian Clayborn and Takkarist McKinley split the rest of the work.

That said, would I bet against a 90% Vic Beasley getting a sack against Jay Cutler with 10-20 snaps? Nope.