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Matt Ryan throws the third fewest “turnover-worthy” passes

The Atlanta Falcons quarterback hasn’t found his groove yet, but he’s been remarkably safe with the football.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

We know Matt Ryan hasn’t looked fully comfortable much this season. If Wes Schweitzer wasn’t giving up blocks in week one, Ryan Schraeder was out for weeks, or Mohamed Sanu turned an easy red zone catch into an interception.

Speaking of pass catchers, has anyone seen Taylor Gabriel this year? Austin Hooper has been an afterthought the last month, and Justin Hardy had a rough outing against the Bills. The play calling has been a bit different from last year, and we expect things to settle down soon.

Despite all those issues, Ryan has still been remarkably solid at protecting the ball. Some of Atlanta’s pass catchers... not as much. Pro Football Focus posted the surprising stat.

Cleary Ryan’s best stat through the year, PFF considered only 1.4% of his passes as turnover-worthy, good for third best in the league. Ryan got a lot of flack for tossing five interceptions in the last two games, but only two of those passes were on Ryan.

After the early bye week, Atlanta returns to almost full strength. Can Ryan improve on some of these numbers? I’m just looking for the deep passing game to get back onto 2016 levels.