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Falcons remain first in the NFL in yards per drive

Even better days should be ahead.

Green Bay Packers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

They’ve had a week off, but the Falcons remain one of the better offenses in football. I will never tire of typing this, so please don’t ask me to stop.

Per our own Charles McDonald, also of Football Outsiders, the Falcons are averaging more yards per drive than any other NFL team. They’re top five, still, in points per drive, as well. That speaks well to the team’s efficiency, and it continues to suggest that Atlanta’s just in need of a reversal of their turnover fortune. The offense is already plenty productive.

With Steve Sarkisian talking about getting Austin Hooper more involved, and the absurd number of weapons the Falcons can bring to bear, it’s fair to expect the team to continue to play well, with hopefully even better results in the points column. The team could certainly stand to start from the 25 more often, instead of inside the 10, which might hurt the yards per drive but significantly help out on the other side. Maybe that’s me being greedy.