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Falcons may not play against Ezekiel Elliot after suspension reinstated

That’s a major blow to one of Atlanta’s upcoming opponents.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The much discussed Ezekiel Elliott suspension was never expected to impact the Falcons. He was given a six-game suspension before this season started, meaning he would probably play against Atlanta a little rested and at full strength.

They sued to push pause on the suspension, which worked for the first five weeks of the year. Until, BOOM, another court rips up that decision.

What’s all this mean? I’ll spare you all the annoying legal mumbo jumbo, but Elliott moves back to suspended. The injunction was bounced for jurisdiction, meaning the NFLPA will probably try to refile in another court. It’s far from a guarantee another court will grant the injunction, and provides a bunch more hoops for the NFLPA to jump through to again pause the suspension.

Five games from right now extends all the way to... the Atlanta Falcons game! If Elliott gets shut down in court on a new injunction, the Falcons get to take a crack at the Dallas Cowboys without their best weapon. Dallas has not played anywhere near well enough this season to win without Elliott. It may be really tough for Cowboys fans to watch this game.