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The Dolphins offense is on a collision course with history, and not in a good way

The Dolphins offense is on pace to be the worst since 2006.

Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphin Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

We’ll get a closer look at how this offense stacks up against this defense tomorrow or Saturday, when Kyle McClendon completes his customary weekly look at the matchup. I can spoil things a bit for you right now, though, and tell you how good this Dolphins offense is.

The answer thus far? Historically bad.

On one hand, I’m sympathetic to the Dolphins’ plight. Losing your starting quarterback rarely leads to better outcomes for your team, and they did go out and sign a quarterback who was starting just a year ago in Jay Cutler. It’s just that I’m not sure Cutler was the right fit for the offense, and I’m definitely not sure Miami has done enough to upgrade its supporting cast in recent years. That’s how you get outcomes like those outlined below.

If you’re looking to put these numbers in their proper perspectives, the Falcons have scored 97 points on offense this year, with Desmond Trufant’s fumble return for a touchdown representing their only defensive score. That’s 63 more points in exactly the same number of games, and 10 offensive touchdowns overall compared to Miami’s 3. They’re on track to be the worst offensive team, as Hanzus notes above, since the 2006 Raiders, who were putrid.

It’s not really clear how this is going to get better. The offensive line is still a middling unit, taken as a cohesive whole. Jay Ajayi isn’t getting much breathing room behind that line to begin with and teams certainly don’t fear the passing attack, where Jay Cutler is struggling to make throws, again, behind that offensive line. The whole offense is a mess, and with deep threat DeVante Parker potentially missing the game against the Falcons, it doesn’t look like it’s about to get better. A Cutler benching might help, but it’s not going to make a huge difference.

Unless things magically turn around, the Dolphins figure to be one of the worst offenses of the 2017 decade. That’s not how this was supposed to go, and you can’t help but feel bad for a team that went from having reasonably high hopes to virtually none at all.