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Falcons sign defensive end to practice squad, place Josh Perkins on practice squad injured list

The Atlanta Falcons have been making some practice squad moves today! Whoo! Yeah!

The latest, after the team signed kicker Mike Meyer to the squad to replace Taniela Tupou, is the addition of yet another defensive lineman. To make room for Jonathan Woodard, a 2016 7th round selection of the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Falcons have put Josh Perkins on a practice squad injured list of some kind.

What I don’t know is exactly how the practice squad injured list works, and whether this means Perkins is on the shelf for the year or if it’s just a short term injury. I’m sure my aging brain is just forgetting a recent example, but I can’t remember when the Falcons last put someone on this list, so I don’t know what the duration might be. I’m looking for clarity, though, and will have an update as soon as I’m able to get one. The Falcons, thankfully, have three tight ends on the active roster and seem fine at the position.

Woodard missed the 2016 season with an injury and was waived before the season began. He’s a good athlete with excellent length, but we obviously have basically zero NFL game tape to go on here, and Woodward is unlikely to see the active roster at any point this year unless the injury bug keeps chomping away. He’s a semi-interesting stash at a position the Falcons may need help at next year, however, alongside J’Terius Jones.