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Vic Beasley to practice for second day in a row

Atlanta’s top pass rusher may get another limited practice in this week

Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons have been absolutely demolished by injuries early in the season. They have already lost Jack Crawford for the year, and Courtney Upshaw for multiple games. If that wasn’t enough, they have been desperately missing top pass rusher Vic Beasley.

We thought he might be out until November, but he’s expected to practice again. He could be back as soon as Sunday if things go well.

Hamstring injuries are always tricky, and are notoriously easy to aggravate. If he plays Sunday against the Miami Dolphins, he may be on a snap count to keep him healthy. Honestly, I’m not worried about slowing down Jay Cutler in the slightest. Miami has a bad offensive line, and their offensive line coach was just Tony Montana-ed out of Dolphins headquarters.

What’s on the horizon after the Miami game? The revenge game we all want and need. Beasley returning at full speed to sack Tom Brady is way more important that hitting some quarterback that mentally checked out back in 2010.