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History indicates that Matt Ryan will come out of the bye hot

The Falcons quarterback, like the rest of us, is better with rest.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re wondering how Matt Ryan has fared coming out of the bye week, well, we’re here for you. It turns out he’s been pretty reliably solid after a week off, though he’s had his fair share of turnovers along the way.

In case you’ve forgotten these performances, here’s a brief reminder. In 2016, Ryan completed nearly 77% of his passes against the Arizona Cardinals and tossed two touchdowns against an interception in an easy win. His 2015 matchup against the Colts saw him complete just 55% of his passes for three touchdowns...and also three picks, not all of which were his fault. And that 2014 game was a clean sheet against the Buccaneers, with an efficient 219 yards and a touchdown in a 27-17 victory. None of these are standout numbers, you’ll note, but Ryan at least had a solid game in nearly every one of them. As good as Miami’s defense has been this year, there’s no reason to expect Ryan to turn in anything less than a solid effort yet again, and hopefully pick up the team’s fourth win.

It’d also be nice if Ryan had a stellar game and blew the last five years of post-bye performances out of the water, but hey, I’m not that greedy.