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The Falcons have released a new depth chart for the Miami game, but it remains useless

Never count on the Falcons to tell you who is starting where.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons-Minicamp Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

There are two constants in this world: Death and an oddly unhelpful Atlanta Falcons depth chart.

Atlanta has made a habit in recent years of sort of tossing the same depth chart out over and over again, regardless of what changes with the dynamics of the roster. That’s how we’ve now managed to list Vic Beasley at linebacker for like two full seasons, despite the fact that he rarely actually lines up there.

All of this is to remind you that you should not take the latest, mostly unchanged depth chart seriously for the Dolphins game. The only item of real note here is that Taylor Gabriel is listed behind Mohamed Sanu and will probably get most of his snaps this week against the Dolphins. Other than that, you’re staring at the same depth chart you’ve seen multiple times this year, and there’s very little to glean from it.

Someday the Falcons might actually give us a fully accurate depth chart, but this is not the week. Thankfully, the team could probably jumble the depth chart randomly and still have a puncher’s chance against Miami.