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Final score predictions for Falcons vs. Bills from The Falcoholic staff

Dan Quinn and company should win this one, per us.

Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

As always, The Falcoholic staff got together this week to predict the outcome of the game ahead. Also as always, we were a bunch of giant homers.

Eric Robinson

Falcons 30 - Bills 20

A unique test for the Falcons as they look to pick up win #4 this season. After facing the pesky Lions in Detroit, a hard-nosed Bills team is no pushover themselves. The Falcons front seven will have to be disciplined for four quarters against the Bills running attack led by Tyrod Taylor and LeSean McCoy and in my opinion, aggressive play-calling by Steve Sarkisian can allow the Falcons to catch a rhythm and force Buffalo to play catch up. Something they are not equipped to do on offense. Pick: Falcons 30 Bills 20


Falcons 28 - Bills 21

Don’t overlook the Bills. They have a good defensive front that can cause some havoc for a Falcons offensive line with a young starter at RG and missing it’s top-tier right tackle. The Bills offense leans on their running game reputation at this point, as they are not running the ball well right now. However, they use play action extensively and Tyrod Taylor leads the league in passer rating when throwing out of play action. The Falcons defense will need to be disciplined and contain Taylor from gaining yards himself. All of that said, the Falcons are simply the more talented team and should be able to win this as long as they play a relatively clean game.

Matt Chambers

Falcons 30 - Bills 17

I really think this Bills defense is better than they get credit for, and they deserve more respect than they are getting. Then I think about the final score, understand it could easily be close, but can’t bring myself to do it. Can Sean McDermott’s knowledge of Matt Ryan slow down this offense? Based on the last three matchups, no. No, he most certainly can not. I like Tyrod Taylor, and their running game is certainly good, but that offensive line is in weak and I could not name a single wide receiver left on their roster. Falcons at home for a big win.

Caleb Rutherford

Falcons 31 - Bills 20

Another week, another mobile QB for the Falcons to have to keep tabs on. Taylor’s elusiveness should extend a couple of drives, though I don’t know if they have the finishing touch on offense to keep up with our offensive machine. The Bills defense features some solid players, but as long as we play turnover free football, I don’t think we’ll have to sweat this one too much.

Kevin Knight

Falcons 31 - Bills 17

I think the Bills are a good team, so when I predict the Falcons win by double-digits, I'm not trying to disrespect them. If this were in Buffalo, I think the Falcons might struggle to put them away. However, in Atlanta, I think the Falcons are a bad matchup for the Bills. The Falcons have too much firepower on offense and a capable enough defense to put Buffalo in a hole early. This is not a team that is built to win from behind, and I think they'll be facing an early deficit. Turnovers could be key to the Bills making it a closer game, but I think the Falcons manage to win comfortably.

Allen Strk

Falcons 26 - Bills 20

After expecting this to be the second easiest game on the schedule, Buffalo presents a much trickier matchup. Sean McDermott’s defense has exceeded expectations with their aggressive blitzing and heavy man coverage scheme. While they haven’t been completely tested, the same can be said about the Falcons’ offense. None of their previous opponents possess an above average defense. McDermott’s prior experience against them could cause some problems. Due to a limited offense and young secondary, they won’t have enough to pull off the upset. The Falcons should have more than enough firepower to go into the bye week undefeated. It’ll be interesting to see how Matt Ryan plays following a subpar performance against Detroit.

Dave Choate

Falcons 28 - Bills 20

Look, I’ve given the Bills their due to this point because their offense is solid enough to keep them in games while their defense mauls teams, and if the Falcons were a lesser squad I’d look at this as an upset in the making. But because this Falcons team is good and at home and holding talent advantages more or less across the board, I’m predicting a win. Not necessarily and easy one, or anything close to a blowout, but a satisfying victory to bring them to 4-0. That would make for a nice little Sunday.