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NFL playoffs 2017: Who are your Wild Card round picks?

There are four games this weekend, and at least one of the is going to matter a great deal to the Atlanta Falcons.

Atlanta Falcons v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Tomorrow, the first games of the postseason will kick off. The AFC games matter, obviously, but as Falcons fans we care most deeply about what happens on the NFC side of the ledger.

Bearing that in mind, I’m asking you to predict the results of this weekend’s slate of playoff games, with the NFC matchups leading off. I’m just interested to see if the consensus matches my personal picks or not, and who you think the Falcons will wind up facing off against on January 14.

Here’s my picks:


#3 Seattle Seahawks over #6 Detroit Lions

#4 Green Bay Packers over #5 New York Giants


#3 Pittsburgh Steelers over #6 Miami Dolphins

#4 Houston Texans over #5 Oakland Raiders

You’ll note I picked the favorite across the board, and things rarely work out that way. The game that makes me the most nervous pits the Packers against the Giants, given that the New York defense is legitimately tough and the Packers could, I suppose, finally cool off. The battle of two really inept quarterbacks in Houston versus Oakland also gives me considerable pause, because when you have that much lousy ball-slinging going on, there’s always the chance for a surprising outcome. But I feel reasonably confident that this is how things will play out.

Your turn. Who are you picking in this weekend’s slate of games?