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Deion Jones named Rookie of the Year finalist

The speedy rookie linebacker deserves the honor.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons have gotten their fair share of accolades already this year, and there may be one more in the offing.

Jones is a far better bet for this list than Wentz, but unfortunately I expect Bosa to take home the Defensive Rookie of the Year award. It’d be tough to argue against his 108 tackles, three interceptions, 11 pass deflections, and incredible speed and physicality, which represented a major upgrade for a Falcons linebacker corps that had lacked that speed and physicality. He was a terrific player, and I imagine he’ll continue to be a terrific player in the future. I’m hopeful he’ll surprise and get this award.

I think you can make a potent case for fellow rookie Keanu Neal, even though he missed some games, and I’ll plan to do so later this weekend. For now, though, deserved congratulations to Deion Jones, who will be a key piece of this defense for the playoffs.