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Reports: offensive assistant Mike McDaniel could replace Kyle Shanahan

A long term Kyle Shanahan underling may just be his best replacement.

NFL: San Diego Chargers at Atlanta Falcons
Kyle Shanahan next so someone who is probably not Mike McDaniels
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Two ESPN reporters have found Atlanta’s replacement for Kyle Shanahan, if and when he leaves to coach another team. And he’s already on the team, so odds are you haven’t heard of him.

I’m not aware of McHenry ever breaking any Falcons news before, but Vaughn McClure has recently suggested the same thing.

The Falcons will probably miss out on the top available offensive coaches, as guys like Mike McCoy will probably be scooped up before Shanahan can sign anywhere. Dan Quinn likely wants continuity, and would like to keep the same scheme that resulted in so many sweet, sweet points. He’s previously worked as a wide receiver coach, and at the very least, has a pretty long history with Shanahan’s scheme.