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Jonathan Babineaux talks about Super Bowl LI, playing close to home

The longest-tenured Falcon is also playing for a championship just a short distance from where he was raised.

Divisional Round - Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Last night on the opening night of the media’s week-long sojourn into Houston for the Super Bowl, there were plenty of opportunities for reporters to speak with players.

Rich Hill of Pats Pulpit had the opportunity to talk to Jonathan Babineaux, who has perhaps the best story arc of any player in this Super Bowl. Babs grew up just an hour and 15 minutes outside of Houston, is the longest-tenured Falcon by a full three seasons, and is playing in his first Super Bowl ever. That’s pretty awesome.

Hill asked Babineaux what it means to be playing so close to home:

“It’s very special, and it makes it even more special being here now. Being that this is where I started football as a little kid, where I had all my dreams of being in the Super Bowl and now, I have that opportunity to play right here in Houston.”

And what it means to be playing for a championship after 12 seasons in Atlanta:

“It’s a great feeling. To be with any team going to the Super Bowl is a great feeling, but this special brotherhood that we have, that we have going on, it’s one of a kind. I’m enjoying it, and I’m just looking forward to playing with my teammates on Sunday.”

And finally, whether his old region is supporting him now, on the cusp of a Lombardi Trophy:

“A lot of my guys give me support, like they always do throughout my career. They’re rooting for me, and they’re talking about bringing the Lombardi (Trophy) back to my hometown.”

Thanks to Rich for chatting with Babineaux. Given that this could be his last season in Atlanta and he’s given this franchise so much over a decade-plus, I hope they win this one for him, and many others.