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Jonathan Babineaux, Matt Ryan among long-tenured Falcons going to first Super Bowl

It’s a short list of Falcons who have played here more than five years, but every one of them is extremely deserving of a Super Bowl ring.

Divisional Round - Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

We’ve got a little ways to go until the Super Bowl, unfortunately, so we’re all having to wait. Two weeks is nothing compared to how long we’ve waited as fans, or to how long some longtime Falcons have been hanging on waiting for this exact opportunity.

All I’ve done here is put together a list of the Falcons who have been here the longest without getting a shot at playing in a Super Bowl. I think all these guys deserve to be here, but it’s hard to argue with the notion that Jonathan Babineaux is as deserving as anyone. A second round pick of the Falcons way back in 2005, before The Falcoholic was even around, Babineaux has spent 11 seasons with Atlanta and has consistently been one of their better defensive players, even if that’s not true outside of brief stretches in 2016. I had worried he would move on without getting this exact opportunity, and it’s extra sweet that it’s happening in his home state.

Matt Ryan is the second-longest tenured Falcon on the list, and given the grief he’s taken over the years for not being able to win the big game, he deserves this one in spades. It’ll cement his reputation as one of the finer quarterbacks of his generation, and the best one the Falcons have ever had, if you’re interested in those things.

Anyways, the list. When you see how few Falcons will be playing in their first Super Bowl that are left from just 2011 or earlier, you’ll likely be a little surprised.


Jonathan Babineaux


Eric Weems (though he was with the Bears 2012-2013)


Matt Ryan


Matt Bryant


Julio Jones

Matt Bosher