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What are the Falcons Super Bowl records to be surpassed in Super Bowl LI?

Answer: Most of them. It was just one game.

Divisional Playoffs - Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The Falcons have been in just one Super Bowl, back in 1998, so it’s fair to assume that many of their standing Super Bowl records will be broken next Sunday. Hopefully, it’s in service of a Falcons win.

What you’ll notice (and remember, if you were an active fan at the time) is that this game really did not go particularly well for Atlanta. Jamal Anderson was his usual terrific self and Terance Mathis had a fine game catching the football, but otherwise the Falcons were essentially toast from very early on, as they found themselves down 7-3 after the first quarter and 17-6 heading into the fourth quarter. This Falcons team should fare much on offense against the New England Patriots, at the very least.

Here’s a brief list of records, and you can expect every offensive one save perhaps rushing yardage to be broken here.

Falcons Super Bowl Records

Points Score: 19

Points Allowed: 34

Passing Yards: 219, Chris Chandler

Passing Touchdowns: 1, Chris Chandler

Interceptions: 3, Chris Chandler

Rushing Yards: 96, Jamal Anderson

Receptions: 7, Terance Mathis

Receiving Yards: 85, Terance Mathis

Defensive Interceptions: 1, Ronnie Bradford

Kick Returns: 5, Tim Dwight

Kick Return Yardage: 210, Tim Dwight

Return Touchdowns: 1, Tim Dwight

Field Goals: 2, Morten Andersen