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Reacting to the Falcons beating the Packers and going to the Super Bowl

All of these reactions are super negative.

NFC Championship - Green Bay Packers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images


The Falcons should trade Matt Ryan. Matt Ryan is a choke artist. Matt Ryan will never win a championship. Atlanta should unload him and draft XYZ Quarterback instead. Coming into this season, Ryan had lost the support of many fans. Eighteen games and a Super Bowl visit later, and this QB has put together a stretch of football that we may never see in the NFL again. He was masterful almost all year, and it was fitting that he would cap the season (so far) with another outstanding performance in the NFC Championship game. Our defense played incredibly well and Julio Jones was ridiculous, but this offense only goes as far as Ryan can take it. On Sunday, he quieted the critics in dramatic fashion, taking this team to the big dance. How fitting.

Alec Shirkey

Matt Ryan is p good, fam.

Jason Kirk


Caleb Rutherford

We’re going to the Super Bowl. I still can’t believe it’s really happening. We’ve progressively revved our proverbial engine up to levels never before seen in franchise history. We harassed Aaron Rodgers, we stymied Russell Wilson, and the fourth best QB in the NFC South has played a series of games that rivals any stretch in known football history. 8 months ago, this would’ve been something only the wildest of dreams could have conjured, but here we are. As amazing as this season has been, I find myself wanting more. One more. But of course, we have to go through the greatest QB in this era to do it. The Cubs won a World Series and the Cavaliers won an NBA title. Why not us?

Jeanna Thomas


This team is so much fun.

James Rael

This is all very surreal. Back in August most fans thought the team would be better, but in the end, still just a mediocre to slightly above average squad. And they were wrong. And you were one of them. Now go cry in a corner. Actually, to be frank, this wasn’t included in my wildest dreams. So I’ll come join you in the corner.

Matt Chambers

I’ve got to agree with what everyone else said, but especially Alec, Jason, and Jeanna. Even the next day and I’m not sure if I believe it. There’s such a big difference in this team, and there’s such a big difference in watching them compared to watching past Falcons. This is everything I have wanted from this team for nearly two decades. Everything is awesome and I just got another reason to hate the Patriots.

Dave Choate

I have deep family ties to the Packers, given that family members are big Green Bay fans, and to the Patriots, given that I have always lived in New England. Seeing the Falcons knock off those two teams in sequence to win a Super Bowl would be just about the sweetest thing I can imagine, given how much success I’ve watched those two teams enjoy while I waited for my favorite team to get to these heights.

This game was dispelled all doubt. These Falcons are historically good, and we may never see an offense like this again in Atlanta, even if I think this is just the first in a (hopefully long) line of tremendous teams. The Packers quaked before them, and god willing, soon so will the Pats.


We’re ahead of schedule. I think that’s the most impressive thing about winning the NFC - in truth, this team is being built for 2017 and beyond, and they’ve already arrived. Take a moment to let this fully sink in: the defense should be far better next year, and even now it’s already good enough to allow the team to reach the Big Game.

Just how young is this defense? Seven starters against the Packers were age 24 or younger - Neal, Jarrett, Beasley, Collins, Poole, Jones and Campbell. One more (Allen) just turned 25 last month. And two more (Alford, Hageman - yes, according to the NFL’s game book, ‘Shede was a starter) are still playing on their rookie contracts. The only true veteran starting for the defense was Freeney. Having that amount of youth on the field at once is truly staggering. And they’re getting better every week.

Whether these Falcons can bring home the Lombardi will ultimately ride on this young defense. Fortunately every snap they play helps in their development, and in the last two weeks they’ve gained experience and confidence against two outstanding offenses.

William McFadden

Someone please make sure to check out Tom Brady’s balls.

Kevin Knight

How can you not get excited about this Falcons team? They are clearly a historic offense. Atlanta has so many weapons, a good offensive line, an MVP QB, and a young, opportunistic defense that is becoming more dangerous with each passing game. Quite simply, this team is unstoppable, and could go down as one of the best in history. It already is the best Falcons team ever assembled.

After their thorough dismantling of a so-called “team of destiny” in the Green Bay Packers, I don’t know how you can view this team as anything less than the most dominant team in the NFL. Against the New England Patriots, it’s more of the same. The Patriots are a very good offense with an average defense. But nobody can keep up with the Falcons if they play their game. The Falcons are an all-time great offense, and they deserve to win a title.