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Our predictions for the final score of Falcons vs. Packers

Most are predicting a well-deserved win for Atlanta.

Green Bay Packers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Matt Chambers

Falcons 37 - Packers 34

It feels like injuries, home field advantage, matchups, and Vegas betting lines are setting up Atlanta for a big win. Years of playing the Packers has let me know to ignore all of that and be worried until the game is decided. I still say Atlanta’s offense and defense are just a bit better than Green Bay’s, and Matt Ryan squeezes in a win.

James Rael

Falcons 41 - Packers 31

On paper the Falcons should win this game. Both quarterbacks have fantastic supporting casts, but Ryan’s is just a tick better. Both defenses aren’t great, but the Falcons D is peaking when it counts. I like cheese as much as the next self-respecting American, because it’s delicious. But this is the end of the line for the Cheese Heads.


Falcons 38 - Packers 35

I don’t care what injuries the Packers have right now, Aaron Rodgers (and his criminally under-recognized offensive line) can create opportunities every time they’re on the field. Ultimately, the difference will be a Falcons defense that is slightly better than what the Packers are trotting out and a Falcons running game that is heads and shoulders better than the converted wide-receiver/blogger Green Bay has carrying the rock. I’m not as confident as some fans are right now, and I still think this could go either way, so you’ll have to excuse me while I bury my fears in unholy amounts of alcohol. Rise (and drink) up!

William McFadden

Falcon 42 - Packers 34

I think the Falcons will win this game if they win or come out even in the turnover battle. If Atlanta spots Green Bay an extra possession or two, that could swing things. I do believe both teams are very different than when they last met, and there are reasons each team should be confident. That being said, these two offenses are almost mirror images of each other in my opinion. The Falcons have extremely versatile talent and depth across the board, and their true strength lies in the amount and variety of weapons they have. On the flipside, the Packers have a lot of talent, but Aaron Rodgers is the one player that makes this offense go. While Julio and Devonta could have big games, I think Atlanta’s versatility will shine through and players like Tevin Coleman, Mohamed Sanu and Taylor Gabriel will make the difference in this one.

Jason Kirk

Falcons 63, Packers 60


Dave Choate

Packers 34 - Falcons 31

Yes, I think this will be a close game. Yes, I worry what will happen in a close game with Aaron Rodgers, whether he has the flu or any living receivers or not. Yes, I do think Atlanta can win this game if they can show up in a big way on defense and play their typical brand of excellent football on offense. No, I am not a Packers fan.

Jay Adams

Falcons 34 - Packers 27

The defensive side of the ball doesn’t have to play great; it just needs a great play or two to win and advance. Offensively, the Falcons continue to roll and score at will. There’s even part of me that thinks predicting 34 for the Falcons might be underestimating them a bit.

Allen Strk

Falcons 40 - Packers 34

A shootout is inevitable. This game will come down to the supporting cast for both offenses. Atlanta has the best running back duo in the league. They also have a variety of different wide receivers. Green Bay’s wide receiver group is decimated at the moment. Aaron Rodgers is going to make plenty of plays. Nobody is going to keep the best quarterback in the league from making being productive. In the end, his supporting cast will let him down. The better overall offense prevails in a memorable game.

Alec Shirkey

Falcons 45, Packers 33

Offensively, the X-factor should again be the receiving abilities of DeVonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman. Deion Jones is due for a big play on defense. Atlanta will say good-bye to the Georgia Dome by avenging that nasty 2010 divisional round loss en route to a Super Bowl clash with the Patriots. Aaron Rodgers can only do so much by himself; that crowd noise comment may come back to haunt him.

Kyle McClendon

Falcons 100, Packers 90

Let’s get weird. We’re headed to the Super Bowl.