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Kyle Shanahan interviewing with Jaguars and Rams; other interviews expected

We knew Atlanta’s offensive coordinator would be a popular name in head coach interviews.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

We finally have our first interview! Teams are free to interview coaches from teams out of the playoffs, and from the four teams with a first round bye week. It was expected that Kyle Shanahan would be a big name after this year’s surprisingly effective offense, and the interview requests have already started.

As a long-time Shanahan critic, I’m about to make some excuses for why he might stick it out in Atlanta for one more year. Yeah, it has been that good of a year.

Shanahan forced his way out of a dysfunctional situation with the Cleveland Browns, and the Jacksonville Jaguars may remind him too much of the place he tried to leave before.

I think Shanahan has the opportunity to be picky, and may not want to join a team like the San Francisco 49ers or the Jacksonville Jaguars. That might change when they start offering him millions and roster control, but the Denver Broncos have to be much more interesting.

Here are some of the other rumors we are seeing about Shanahan on twitter.

Nothing official on Shanahan there, but he coached with his dad in Denver, and under Gary Kubiak in Houston. He should be familiar with some of the team and runs a pretty similar offense. Denver also has a ton of talent and looks like the best job opening available.

Nothing official on the Rams either, who are looking at Doug Marrone (why?), Josh McDaniels, and have been linked in trade talks for Sean Payton.

No rumors surrounding any other vacancies. Shanahan is only allowed to interview this week, and most coaches can usually only fit in two or three interviews in that time. After that, no team is allowed to have contact with Shanahan until after the Falcons are eliminated or win the Super Bowl.

It seems like some of the top candidates get overlooked when teams want to sign someone immediately, and not chance losing their top option in a month, only to be left with the remaining unsigned candidates. Can winning help the Falcons keep together the coaching staff? Or will Shanahan’s success this season make him worth waiting for?

Update: this sure didn’t take long. Rams plan to interview Shanahan as well. I’d expect news of a Denver interview to come in at any time because teams will need to move fast. Remember when Falcons were trying to be the first to interview candidates two years ago?

Update Part Deux: I’m linking to my own tweet, but I can affirm for the credibility of this tweeter.

Update Part Deux: The Sequel: Broncos officially requesting an interview.

Permission is just considered a way to be respectful of the other team. No team can block an interview of any of their non-head coaches for a head coaching position. As long as Shanahan agrees, he will be headed to Denver this week for an interview. I’d think it will be tough for him to fit in a 4th interview if he does indeed interview with Jacksonville and Los Angeles this week.