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Falcons fans were too mean to a restaurant, according to reports

Instead of saying the Falcons have bad fans, Deadspin is complaining that Falcons fans care too much.

NFL: NFC Divisional-Seattle Seahawks at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Fans of the NFC Championship-bound Atlanta Falcons weren’t happy that Atlanta’s Park Tavern was planning and promoting a pep rally for Green Bay Packers fans, and they let Park Tavern know about it.

Falcons fans took to Twitter, and some got creative with their Yelp reviews.

Deadspin, typically known for complaining that Falcons fans are bad, uninvested fans, didn’t seem to like it that Falcons fans cared enough about their team to be mad online about it.

From Tom Ley’s piece about it:

Unfortunately for Park Tavern, there are a lot of big babies living in Atlanta and all their diapers are full. Falcons fans are pissed about the bar hosting an event for Packers fans, and they have spent this week bombing the bar’s Yelp page with negative reviews as a form of retribution.

You can’t have it both ways, Tom.

Park Tavern took to their Facebook page and issued an apology to Falcons fans.

“We want to take a moment to address the ongoing commentary regarding the Packers Pep Rally on Saturday. First and foremost, we are and have always been Falcons fans and are rooting for them to make it to the Super Bowl, (AND WIN!). While it was not our intent to offend any Falcons fans, we realize that we did with our choice to host this event and apologize. We take pride in being one of Atlanta’s largest event venues, hosting more than 500 diverse events each year and welcoming both locals and visitors alike to rent our facility. As one of the greatest cities filled with people from across the country, we strive to be reflective of what makes Atlanta unique and look forward to continuing to be a part of our incredible community.”

Ley points out in the article that a Packers fan group simply rented out the bar for the pep rally. Park Tavern apologized, and it’s a lovely location and they have great gluten free sushi and it’s half-price after 10 p.m. so all is forgiven, from my perspective.