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The Falcon with the best moves gets awarded; worst moves is kicked into the lake of fire

Much like the ancient, mysterious, metal bird, this series will never die.

We definitely can stop doing it now. The Falcons won 44.24% of their games before a poorly photoshopped Dan Quinn started kicking players and coaches into a lake of fire in front of a metallic demigod.

70.59% since. No way can we anger the football gods in the playoffs. Someone must be the blood sacrifice. Samuel L. Falcon demands it.

Lets switch it up and give our weekly award first. So many players contributed to a statement win over the Seattle Seahawks, that it was tough deciding who should win. But who had the best moves?

Arthur Blank killed it! We gotta give him credit for his dance moves, making the right moves with the team, and the new stadium opening up next season.

Ah, it’s a great week. For almost everyone. Dan Quinn should be happy. He won a revenge game against his old boss. He coached the league’s softest team into a competitor that punched the Seahawks in the mouth.

In retrospect, Quinn was pretty happy, and was only two wins away from a Super Bowl ring. He’s usually pretty shaken up with the sacrifice, but Eric Weems is going for like the third time this season. He’s still bandaged up and recovering from past burns escaping the giant pool of fire.

Weems is closing in on late-career Allen Rossum effectiveness. Letting the ball roll to the half yard line is inexcusable, and is just one of countless bad decisions he’s made all year. He’s still an effective special teams player, but should be removed from returns. The room for mistakes will get smaller and smaller, and the Falcons might not be able to overcome them against better opponents.