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Key stats from the Falcons’ 36-20 Divisional Round win over the Seahawks

Just how big was this win, especially in the annals of team history? Let’s look.

NFL: NFC Divisional-Seattle Seahawks at Atlanta Falcons John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Your Atlanta Falcons didn’t just win, as we’ve noted. They put together one of the most impressive performances in team postseason history, and they cruised past the Seahawks Saturday with surprisingly good defense and unsurprisingly excellent offense.

I’ve rounded up a few stats that help to illustrate just how cool this win was, and where it stands in the annals of the team’s long and not always illustrious history.

  • The team’s 36 points were the second-highest total in team history, behind the 47 they scored in 2005 against the Rams
  • Their 422 total yards were the third-highest total in team history, trailing only the 2012 Conference Championship loss to the 49ers (477) and the overtime 1998 triumph in the Conference Championship against the Vikings (427)
  • Those 20 points allowed? Those are tied for the fifth-best playoff total in a game
  • Surprisingly, the team’s 309 yards allowed was the fourth-lowest total in team postseason history, as well. That was surpassed only by the 2002 win over the Packers (289), 1995 playoff loss to the Packers (307), and 1978 win over the Eagles (a very impressive 217)
  • The win marked only the eighth postseason victory in team history. If they win next Sunday, it will be only the second time they’ve ever won two playoff games in a single postseason
  • In Matt Ryan’s first three postseason appearances, he threw a combined three touchdowns and four interceptions. In his last three, he’s thrown for nine touchdowns and three interceptions
  • The Falcons still do not have a .500 or better record in any round of the playoffs, but they’re now 4-5 all-time in Divisional Round games, and have the chance to be 2-2 in Conference Championships if they win next Sunday
  • Oh, it was the second time in a row the Falcons have beaten the Seahawks in the postseason

If you’ve unearthed any other neat stats, share ‘em here!