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Atlanta Falcons-Seattle Seahawks post-game injury report: Julio Jones' toe is still an issue

Fact: Julio Jones' injured toe is the bane of every Falcons fan's existence

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons handed the Seattle Seahawks a season-ending loss this afternoon. I'd be lying if I said the first quarter didn't induce some heart palpitations, but the team got rolling in the second quarter and never looked back. They will take on the winner of tomorrow's game between the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers. But alas, there were injuries. Let's break them down.

Adrian Clayborn left the game during the first defensive drive with a bicep injury, earning a "questionable" designation. He ultimately never returned. You have to feel for Clayborn, who just came back from injury in late December. He's missed a lot of time this season but he's been very effective when healthy, perhaps even the Falcons most effective interior defensive lineman.

Vic Beasley also received some treatment on the sideline during the first defensive drive. Trainers were tending to his left hand or forearm. He ultimately returned in the Falcons second defensive drive. In the second half, Beasley played admirably in run support but wasn't a big factor in the passing attack. His shoulder is certainly something to keep an eye as the team prepares for next week's game.

Julio Jones left the game in the middle of the Falcons first offensive drive of the second half. He sat down on the bench and took off his helmet. He then got up and walked around gingerly for a few minutes. He talked to head coach Dan Quinn briefly and then came back into the game. Julio left the game completely late in the fourth quarter, heading to the locker room. It appears that toe is not going to heal before the season ends. We all know he's just going to play through it but one wonders if it will ultimately affect his play going forward.

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